Who We Are.

We’re not just your run-of-the-mill tech firm.

We’re a multi-disciplined team of IT experts, serious about discovering and delivering
ways to make our clients business’ more successful.
And we like to have fun along the way.

Meet the Team

We’re pretty proud of our people.

Our team, known as The Huonites, are an experienced, passionate mix of technical and business experts providing IT support & strategy to organisations across Australia. Our multi-disciplined team enables us to understand our client’s business requirements and then ‘shape to fit’ technology solutions and services around these needs.

Did you know that collectively, we also speak over 12 other languages? We have staff that can speak Italian, Spanish, German, Nepalese, Cantonese, Mandarin, Vietnamese, Punjabi, Hindi, Sinhalese, Armenian and Arabic.


Damian Huon

As founder and CEO of Huon IT, Damian leads the strategic direction and management of the firm. His extensive experience in the IT industry spans around 30 years. Damian takes a hands-on approach with all clients, regularly consulting on IT strategy and sharing industry insights with some of Australia’s top SMB/enterprise organisations. 

FUN FACT – Damian is an avid skier and sailor who enjoys sharing his passion with his kids.

Chief Technology Officer

Dennis Wong

Working with Huon IT for over a decade, Dennis leads the technical consulting arm of the business as the Chief Technology Officer – driving innovation and leveraging new technologies for our clients. His passion for technology is evident in his vision coupled with his risk-aware implementation approaches.

FUN FACT – Dennis surprisingly really enjoys building Ikea furniture – there is something therapeutic and extremely satisfying about it all!

General Manager of Business Services

Alison Bourke

Working with us over the past decade, Alison manages Huon IT’s strategy and communications activities; ensuring that the customer journey is seamless across all facets of our services, driving marketing activities and vendor relationships, and actively expanding our portfolio to bring new innovative offerings to improve our clients’ businesses.

FUN FACT – Ally always wanted to learn another language, so in her spare time she has been learning German – guten Tag!

People & Culture Manager

Donna Lincoln

Donna is dedicated to fostering, growing, inspiring and recruiting talent at Huon IT. She is responsible for implementing a people and culture strategy focusing on change management, performance standards and attracting and retaining passionate talent within our unique business culture.

FUN FACT – Monday – Working woman, mum, athlete. Tuesday – Mum, Working woman, Mum. Wednesday – Working woman. Thursday – Mum, Working woman, mum, athlete. Friday – Mum. Weekend – Exhausted…Repeat