IT Strategy for Mergers, Acquisitions & Divestments

The right game plan can mean the difference between success & failure, especially when it comes to technology.

Our approach to IT strategy always combines top-down, bottom-up approaches to ensure all technology initiatives are aligned with wider business goals.

IT Strategy for M&A, Divestments & Restructures

In the face of any major change, IT due diligence, planning and project management are key to successful business transformation. Huon IT specialise in strategic projects for firms undergoing M&A, divestment and restructure.

Our consultative services will guide all parties through the end to end planning and implementation process to ensure technology supports, not hinders, your goals.

Simplify the Complex

Aligning multiple parties and different systems into a single, unified plan can be challenging to say the least. Each party may have differing processes and motivations, and each system might have its own unique intricacies and dependencies.

That’s why an independent project management and implementation firm is so crucial to get the job done well. Our specialists draw on years of experience leading multiple strategic projects across a variety of industries to ensure your project is a success, delivered on time and on budget. And most importantly, we work to ensure the goals behind the transformation are realised.



  • Stakeholder workshops
  • Cloud & Infrastructure requirements assessment
  • Solution design
  • Project management and third party coordination
  • Budgeting & reporting
  • IT security, compliance and risk management
  • Procurement and implementation
  • Change management & staff training

Every corporate restructure is different, so all project services ‘shape to fit’ including:

Dedicated end to end assistance throughout

Industry leading advice

Combination of business and technical experts

Project management and reporting

Customised to suit individual circumstances

Options for extended, longer term support

"We needed to completely separate from our old system while maintaining continuity so that our business could continue operating as usual, with no interruption of services to investors… Huon IT had a superior solution for DUET’s requirements, a management team with extensive knowledge, and high level of customer service… Huon IT was a strong strategic fit for us."- Nick Kuys, General Manager at DUET Group -

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