IT Health Check

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Our approach to IT strategy always combines top-down, bottom-up approaches to ensure all technology initiatives are aligned with wider business goals.

IT Health Checks

Recent Huon IT Health Checks revealed:

95% of businesses had security risks

100% of businesses had infrastructure issues

83% of businesses had untapped cost-saving opportunities

When it comes to IT, the old saying that prevention is better than cure has never rung truer.

IT Health Check

Does your business drive IT, or does IT drive your business? The right game plan can mean the difference between success & failure, especially when it comes to technology.


An IT Health Check is an independent assessment of your IT environment ranging from hardware and software, to documentation management and IT infrastructure, to ISP and business continuity measures. In one easy-to-read report, you will be provided with a holistic insight into the strengths, weaknesses and opportunities across your IT’s operations, cost structures and future scalability.


Huon IT Health Check Review Steps



Whilst Huon IT follows a rigorous framework to ensure the quality of all health checks, one size never fits all. Before commencement, our consultants will work with key stakeholders in your business to understand your unique requirements. Typical areas of review include:

  • Strategic Direction
  • Industry Benchmarking
  • IT Management Best Practices
  • IT Infrastructure and Network
  • Cloud Integration and/or Suitability
  • Document Management and Data Integrity
  • IT Security and Risk Management
  • User Experience & Management
  • Business Continuity Measures
  • Performance & Capacity
  • Cost Rationalisation



At a minimum, an IT Health Check is recommended every two years or when undertaking major changes and planning. Now is the ideal time to assess your IT health if you are undergoing:

  • Financial year planning and budgeting
  • Problematic IT issues
  • Restructuring resulting in knowledge sharing or redundancy
  • Any major change such as expansion, merger and acquisition, office move, IT virtualisation, Cloud migration, etc.


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"Huon IT’s health check was exactly what we needed. Even more diverse than expected, they analysed everything from our IT infrastructure, disaster resilience, through to the dollars and cents of our supplier contracts and overheads. The results were a real eye opener."- Leon Allen, Managing Partner at Davies Collison Cave -

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IT Health Check

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