Power BI

Innovative, off-the-shelf solutions that perfectly align with your organisations’ exact requirements are hard to come by.

We help overcome these hurdles via application integration and custom development to empower your company to tap into existing applications to drive strategy, exceed objectives and improve overall performance.

Power BI

In today’s climate, utilising your existing data and analysing intel in real time is no longer just a competitive advantage, it’s mission critical. Interactive, visual and shareable dashboards enable your end users to create reports through a self-service BI tool to ensure high levels of efficiency and effectiveness.

Custom creation of reports allows end users to generate meaningful reports for what matters to them on demand to use on any device.


Huon IT are experts in tools such as Microsoft’s Power BI and draw on our specialist skills and experience to help you process in real time your facts and figures, staff empowerment and improve your customer engagements through the cloud based or on-premise platform.


A cloud based Business Intelligence service, providing exposure to your data through visual customised dashboards & live reports to help drive real time business decisions.

Source: powerbi.microsoft.com



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Ease of implementation

Centralised access to disparate data

Staff empowerment

Enterprise grade business intelligence tool

High cost benefit ratio

Custom design and build

"Our business is so big with so much going on, we need to see what’s on the edges before they fall off the road, but this was near impossible before Power BI."- Mark Broadhead, Chief Financial Officer at RSL LifeCare -

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