Application Integration

Innovative, off-the-shelf solutions that perfectly align with your organisations’ exact requirements are hard to come by.

We help overcome these hurdles via application integration and custom development to empower your company to tap into existing applications to drive strategy, exceed objectives and improve overall performance.

Application Integration

At Huon IT, we understand that a common challenge for many organisations is managing their wide array of line of business applications, and the need for those disparate datasets to integrate smoothly.

From employees needing to collaborate internally, through to external parties such as customers, suppliers and 3rd parties all needing access to internal information – application integration has become more pertinent to the overall IT strategy of an organisation than ever before.


Our clients engage with our Software Development team when they have a business need that an out of the box solution doesn’t exist. The team are passionate and love being able to share insights and innovation from varying sectors to ensure your project is a success.


Middleware or custom coding is ‘software glue’ that enables the communication between multiple platforms, linking dispersed applications to distribute data. Our specialists at Huon IT utilise several methods, including Azure Logic Apps, to hook into applications and automate workflows across multiple systems in an instant seamless manner. 


Use cases for application integration are endless, but typically include:

  • Any situation which requires manual data reentry from one system into another
  • Workflows where an action in one application (such as the approval of a sales quote) should trigger an action in another (such as an order created in your procurement system)
  • Cloud software as a service applications without native integration, which require API access to connect


Reduces manual labour

Significantly decreases mistakes

Defines system process

Records documented workflows

Increased efficiency & improved collaboration

Ongoing support available

"The system is performing better so staff can complete more work each day, which ultimately improves our company productivity."- Leon Allen, Managing Partner at Davies Collison Cave -

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