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Network security can be tricky. On the one hand the number of risks are skyrocketing, and on the other hand users want more freedom than ever before.

That’s where we come in. Our specialists and support team help you cut through the complexity to offer flexibility, whilst staying ahead of the threats.

Secure Network Infrastructure

Cybercrime is big business. Lately we have all seen IT attacks hit the news headlines with scary regularity, with both large and small companies being held to ransom around the globe.

It is no wonder network security has become one of the most topical IT concerns for Boards, Management and IT professionals alike - but is your security strategy on track?

How we wish for the good old days where breaches tended to be perpetrated by insiders and were limited to a skilled few. According to the Verizon report, today’s attackers tend to be opportunistic, financially motivated (73%) and perpetrated by outsiders (75%).

Security managers face both a volatile threat landscape and the difficult balancing act of protecting a company’s data while still allowing easy information access to those who need it, when and where they need it.

Complicating matters further, mitigating attacks often requires making trade-offs between reducing risk and keeping pace with business demand for other crucial IT initiatives.

To free up time and combat the growing security challenges many companies are leveraging the experience of third party specialists such as Huon IT.


The changing threat landscape


Here at Huon IT we act as your network guardians, enabling you to spot potential attacks earlier and take corrective action sooner. Our approach is one of continuous improvement and is a 4 step process:




There is a lot, perhaps more than you think, that can be done to protect your company and minimise threats. Some basic questions include:

  • When did you last do a network vulnerability check?
  • Have you set up preventative measures such as firewalls, intrusion detection systems, intrusion prevention systems, and multifactor user authentication technologies – just to name a few?
  • Do you have a robust security roadmap?
  • Are all the elements of your network and end users protected?
  • How mature is your backup and business continuity plan?
  • What is your process for quickly and smoothly dealing with a breach should it occur?

Strengthening security beyond the obvious is what we do. Not only do we help your organisation efficiently combat threats from a technological level, we can also provide crucial advice on the other two, equally important, components of cyber-security, namely policy and staff training and awareness. Give us a call and let’s talk security.


"Good processing speeds and access… Huon IT clearly understood our IT needs and implemented an appropriate solution. They care about their clients needs."- Nick Kuys, General Manager at DUET Group -

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