Security as a Service

Network security can be tricky. On the one hand the number of risks are skyrocketing, and on the other hand users want more freedom than ever before.

That’s where we come in. Our specialists and support team help you cut through the complexity to offer flexibility, whilst staying ahead of the threats.

Security as a Service

Security is headline news. With an increasing number of new attacks hitting the headlines everyday wouldn’t you like to be able to leverage state of the art security - for a fraction of the price?

Now you can.

Huon IT offers a broad range of managed security services so your cyber security can be taken care of under one convenient service for a single monthly fee.

Hard to keep up with IT security?

Many businesses are simply overwhelmed with the ever-increasing number of interconnected devices and threats presented by todays dynamic cybersecurity landscape. Keeping up with the number of alerts is relentless, leaving your team little time to proactively plan and improve systems.

Here at Huon IT, our Security as a Service options enable you to not only significantly strengthen your cyber protection levels and improve your detection, investigation and response times, but also rest easy at night.  Whether you are looking for help distinguishing low and high level alerts, to move to hosted hardware or to fully outsource your security monitoring, management and planning, we work with you to deliver resilient security defences with the value and scale you need.



Options include:

  • Simple pay-as-you-go monthly fee (Opex rather than Capex)
  • Professional or Advanced Monitoring
  • Pro or Elite Management
  • CIO security advice
  • Penetration testing
  • Vulnerability audits
  • Multifactor authentication
  • Login security: Single Sign on
  • Alert Triage management

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Step up your cybersecurity game. For more information about our Cyber Patrol service, click here.

Business Benefits

Scalable, on call IT support

Proactive site optimisation

Prompt call responses

Regular security performance reporting

Intelligent learning systems

Predictive behaviour recognition

"…some in our team were feeling frustrated, behind, and overwhelmed. Working with Huon IT to deploy this solution really helped alleviate that and increased morale on the team noticeably."- Ben Laxton, Service Delivery Manager at Royal Rehab -

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