Penetration Testing

How effective are your current security systems against a real-world, targeted attack? We put it to the test.

That’s where we come in. Our specialists and support team help you cut through the complexity to offer flexibility, whilst staying ahead of the threats.

Penetration Testing

Ignorance is not always bliss.

Cyber-criminals look for holes in your system – so we want to find them before they do. In the madness of the daily grind, it’s often easy to presume that your current IT security technologies are doing their job, all the while unaware of the hidden gaps & back doors that are leaving you and your company exposed. Find out about our Network Penetration Testing to stay ahead of the game.

A must-do for every business

Regular Penetration Testing is more important then ever before. It alerts you to vulnerabilities in your network & provides a clear plan of action to allow you to 'plug the holes' before someone more sinister finds them.

What is a Penetration Test?

A penetration test (also known as a pen test) is an authorised hacking attempt that simulates real-world attack techniques used by a criminal hacker.

Even with the most advanced cyber-security protection technologies in place, it’s the “blind-spot” vulnerabilities that can expose your business.

Penetration testing is an external security check compared with vulnerability assessments which are an internal security check. An impartial third-party will test the strength and integrity of your security for all your web exposed elements including:

  • IP addresses
  • Websites
  • Infrastructure

No security system is guaranteed to be impenetrable but hopefully, yours is strong enough to deter cyber-criminals.

What Does Penetration Testing Involve?

Penetration testing process


What are the Typical Issues Detected in a Penetration Test?

  • Ports opened
  • Vulnerability of systems to known exploits
  • Misconfigured devices
  • Devices left with default settings
  • Unpatched systems
  • Use of weak passwords
  • Use of weak encryption
  • Use of weak authentication mechanism
  • Ability of systems to respond, react and alert on threats
  • Users exposure to social engineering
  • Adequacy of internal company processes (i.e. no user exit processes, no minimum password complexity)

Why Should Your Business Get a Regular Pen Test?

Even the smartest technologies fall prey to the continually-evolving nature of cybercrime & the growing intelligence of attacks. Often the gaps and vulnerabilities occur due to factors like a simple misconfiguration of systems or staff unwittingly exposing you to attack with the click of a link.

This is one time when it really pays to have the experts identify any ‘blind-spots’ to keep you protected.

Knowing exactly how vulnerable your ICT systems are can be tricky. Penetration testing is an external security check where an impartial third party tests the strength and integrity of your security for all your web exposed elements. Every 6-12 months it really pays to have the experts identify any ‘blind-spots’ to keep you protected.

How Often Should You Conduct Penetration Testing?

It’s recommended that your organisation conducts a penetration test approximately every 6-12 months, or when you make modifications to your network infrastructure. Ongoing testing is most effective.

Penetration Testing Resources

For more information about penetration testing, click here to read the blog post, or here for the Penetration Testing Data Sheet.

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Our team includes highly skilled penetration testers who are certified and carry out testing in a safe and ethical manner. To find out more, get in touch with our team.

What are the Business Benefits of Penetration Testing?

Detects vulnerabilities before an attacker does

Provides clear recommendations on how to fix these weaknesses

Assistance with implementing these changes if required

Develop swifter response times & smoother breach procedures

Empowers you to better protect your business into the future

A Certificate of Compliance (if required)

"Huon IT delve to the source of an issue and design solutions that are effective now as well as adaptable for future needs.. Their personal, yet focused, approach is spot on."- Leon Allen, Managing Partner at Davies Collison Cave -

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