Ad Hoc, Block Hours & Onsite Support

At the heart of our business are managed services, where our IT gurus get to do what they love most – supporting our clients.

Whether you have a strong IT contingent or no in-house techies at all (or any where between!) our experts shape to fit your business needs.

Ad Hoc, Block Hours & Onsite Support

Need quality IT support without the commitment? We understand that needs can fluctuate, such as during peak periods or when staff go on leave. For clients who need flexible support or even resources via secondment, block hour and ad hoc support arrangements are available.

We also understand that nothing beats a handshake. While most IT support can be delivered remotely these days, we still like visiting our clients’ offices and providing support in person.

No Commitment

Things change in business, so it's common to not always know exactly what level of support you need now let alone in a year’s time. Fortunately, the same high quality of service is still available on a no-commitment basis via flexible partnerships. Discounts are even available for bulk purchases.


Flexible partnership services include:

  • Ad hoc support. Sign up for an account with Huon IT and receive the support you need on-demand, via a time & materials basis.
  • Block Hours. Pre-pay for a block of 20 or more hours to receive a discounted hourly rate.
  • Secondment. Borrow one of our skilled consultants to work in-house with your team to assist during peak workloads, to cover staff absence, or even to assist on special projects.


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Business Benefits


Zero Commitment

Access to industry leading IT consultants

24x7 Support

Discounts available

Usage reporting available

"Over the years, I have called on Huon IT for a huge range of services – from secondments to cover our helpdesk staff going on leave, to ad hoc support requests, through to major projects. As a fast growing organisation, this flexibility is so important."- Trevor Sherwood, IT Manager at RSL LifeCare -

Reimagine Efficiency

See how our flexible support model can complement your business needs.


Fixed Price IT Service Packages

Read more about our server, networking, workstation and end user support options.

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