Private & Hybrid Cloud

We believe Cloud computing is transforming the way businesses use & invest in IT.

But selecting the right type of cloud for your business can be a balancing act. From public to private, or even hybrid cloud, we help clients navigate use cases to make the right choice.

Private & Hybrid Cloud

Cloud doesn’t have to mean relinquishing everything to a public data centre. Some of the most robust Cloud solutions actually utilise a mix of both private infrastructure with hosted or shared resources.

The opportunities are endless, and the decision is all yours.


By combining the best of the Public Cloud’s scalability with the security and control of a Private Cloud, our experts design and implement Hybrid Cloud solutions to meet your needs. Due to the reduced hardware, software, labour and cooling requirements, organisations can reduce long term capital investments and fund IT through a scalable, operational model.

No longer needing to manage the ‘nuts and bolts’ of so much on premise infrastructure means that IT can focus more on the security, performance, and availability of the applications to maximise value to the business.



How to decide where to run your workloads?

Certain systems and applications can be more ‘Cloud friendly’ than others.

Huon IT’s experts can guide you on where to start and which applications are better in the cloud versus on premise, and even provide implementation services and project management to ensure your journey to cloud is a smooth one.




  • Apps with variable usage patterns, where ‘bursts’ mean they need robust resources sometimes but are otherwise sitting idle.
  • If you’re just starting your journey to cloud, non-critical applications are a conservative way to start to minimise impact if something goes wrong during migrations.
  • Stand alone apps are also a great place to start, rather than heavily integrated parts of your system.



  • Large media files may be best on premise, unless you have cheap high powered internet bandwidth.
  • Some businesses are more comfortable keeping high security data on their private infrastructure.
  • Any applications tightly coupled with other on-premise applications.
  • Recent investments in infrastructure might also determine suitability. We always recommend exhausting or reallocating existing assets where viable.


Improved business performance

Scalable to suit changing workloads

Flexible – choose which workloads run where

Leverage existing assets, phase them out instead of replacing

Affordable pay as you use model

Shift IT focus away from operations, toward innovation

"Huon IT took our IT problems right out of our hands. They provided a highly functional, stable and robust system and implemented in perfectly with no interruption to our operations. Why on earth didn’t we do this sooner?"- Trevor Eveleigh, Associate Director at NBRS + Partners Pty Ltd -

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