Disaster Recovery as a Service

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Disaster Recovery as a Service

A disaster recovery plan is no longer an optional precaution – it is a must-have contingency plan for when any kind of IT downtime strikes; from failed hardware or user error, through to burst pipes or a natural disaster.

Huon IT’s DRaaS allows you to avoid costly downtime and ensure your IT continues performing through a catastrophe for a simple pay by the month cloud solution.

How does Disaster Recovery as a Service work?

DRaaS is the full replication of your system (including your data, applications, servers and settings) to a third party data centre, which you can ‘failover’ to in the event that your system is no longer available.

Whilst your primary system undergoes repair or rebuild, your system will run on Huon IT’s fully managed infrastructure and is accessible to your staff via VPN or other agreed connection.

There are varying levels of DR as a Service, depending on your budget, levels of acceptable risk, and recovery requirements.




Yes, the key difference is that DRaaS offers system resources (compute power, storage and software) that you’ll require to actually run your system on. Data backup is certainly important, but if your IT equipment is unavailable or destroyed, what will you restore your backup to?

To find out more, download our DR as a service brochure. Click on the image below.


Disaster Recovery as a Service


Huon IT offers a “pay on demand” service model, allowing businesses of any size or budget to access world class data facilities via the internet. Organisations can now realise all the benefits of a secondary offsite system for just a fraction of the cost; without dual equipment, facility or management expenses.

No upfront capital

Predictable monthly ‘pay as you use’ expense

Faster, more reliable recovery

Geographic redundancy

Scalable on demand

Secondary environment can be used as test development environment

Fully supported 24x7

Guaranteed SLAs

"It’s absolutely critical for us to have reliable systems – as we are a fund manager who need to be active in the stock market, if we experience downtime it can be a disaster. Huon IT gave us exactly what we wanted."- Laurence Burford, IT Manager at Ausbil Investment Management Limited -

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