Azure Infrastructure as a Service

We believe Cloud computing is transforming the way businesses use & invest in IT.

But selecting the right type of cloud for your business can be a balancing act. From public to private, or even hybrid cloud, we help clients navigate use cases to make the right choice.

Microsoft Azure Services

Microsoft’s Azure is an integrated cloud service offering a range of options to businesses around Australia, including Infrastructure as a Service, Platform as a Service, and Software as a Service.

Secure, scalable and pay as you use, organisations can flexibly leverage it for all, or part, of their IT system needs.

Key Elements of Azure

There are so many different services within the Azure cloud that understanding how it can benefit your business can be confusing. Here are just some of the most commonly used features of the Azure service your business might consider:

Virtual Machines
Instead of housing your services onsite, leverage Azure’s high powered compute resources.


Data Storage
Rather than pay for expensive SANs, store your data on enterprise grade equipment on a per GB basis.


SQL Database
Running your SQL database on Azure provides scalability, performance and data protection with minimal administration.


SQL Data Warehouse
This highly elastic and affordable cloud data warehouse allows you to scale in seconds and burst compute power for complex analytics.

Azure Active Directory
Provide a single sign-on and identity protection in one secure, easy to manage tool.


Multi-factor Authentication
A two-step verification method to add security to your user sign-ins and transactions.


Power BI
Suite of business analytics tools including live dashboards & reporting.


Backup & Disaster Recovery
Tools and systems to ensure your data is safe & that business continues running in the event of an outage or disaster.





Check out the full range of available Azure services here.

Approaching any Cloud service, including Azure, can be a daunting endeavour. Options are often so varied, always evolving and technically complex, that selecting, implementing and managing the right cloud service for your business is complicated to say the least.

Huon IT has successfully managed hundreds of cloud projects for Australian businesses, so can ensure your journey into Microsoft’s trusted Azure Cloud is a smooth one via:

  • Solution Design
    Requirements gathering, system architecture, compatibility review and Azure product selection.
  • Implementation & Data Migration
    Custom configuration of your Azure tenancy and safe migration of data into the new system.
  • Monitoring & Management
    Ongoing optimisation, maintenance and 24x7 monitoring of your Azure systems to proactively address any issues before they occur.
  • Ongoing Support
    24x7 support available by Huon IT’s local consultants to assist you through any support needs and change requests.


Pay only for what you use monthly

Scalable as your business changes

Local datacentres in Australia to maintain your data sovereignty

Comprehensive compliance with more certifications than any other Cloud provider

99.9% SLA guarantee on most Azure services

Industry leading security and proactive monitoring help keep your data safe

"Huon IT took the time to understand our goals and delivered a solution that has exceeded our expectations."- Scott Brodie, Partner and Director at Brodie, Long and Grew -

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