Customer Story
Marsdens Law Group

The story of Huon IT's three-decade-long partnership with its founding client - Marsdens Law Group.

Marsdens Law Group is one of New South Wales largest and most respected law firms. Since being founded in 1968, Marsdens has become a community leader, providing high-quality legal advice and services in all areas of the law. They set a formidable standard of professionalism, integrity, and commitment.

'In the mid-to-late 80s, we began to see major changes in the way law firms were managing their internal and client interactions, thanks to rapid developments in computing and technology," says John Adam, Managing Partner at Marsdens Law Group. "So we began to look immediately for a technology partner who could help us stay on top of all the advances and ensure that our systems would continue to grow and evolve with our firm." John Adam, Managing Partner

Marsdens Law Group needed an IT solution that allowed them to work smarter, faster and more profitably. 

"We couldn't get by without Huon IT," John Adam says. We've been with them for years - we trust them completely to help us grow and evolve so we can always maintain our competitive edge."

"At the time we got involved with Huon IT, we had 50 staff in a single office," says Adam. "Since then, we've more than tripled in size, with more than 150 staff across four offices in Sydney, Campbelltown, Camden & Liverpool. Huon IT has been with us every step of the way."

Acting on advice provided by Huon IT's CIO Planning Service, Marsdens decided to consolidate their fifteen physical servers into just one enclosure. Using the most effective virtualisation technology, the move would improve efficiency, sharpen network performance, and increase ROI. Hours after Marsdens finalised their decision, Huon IT began designing and implementing the cutting-edge solution. This became known as "The Transformation Project".

Huon IT reduced Marsdens' physical blueprint from two full cabinets to just one half height rack using Citrix software, HP Blade hardware and a SAN. The transformation led to profound improvements across the network.

In the years since, this initial solution has proved a strong foundation for future upgrades and scalability.

Marsdens Law Group utilises several of Huon IT's advanced services, including:

Dedicated site management: Marsdens receives visits fortnightly (and as needed) from a dedicated manager who is familiar with their network, firm and protocols. This means that Marsdens always receive the ongoing maintenance they need to keep their IT systems running smoothly.

Online help desk: Marsdens' staffers love Huon IT's live phone and remote access support where they can get personal, friendly, and knowledgeable assistance on demand.

Night shift: Busy lawyers often have to work odd hours in order to keep up with their workload. Fortunately, Huon IT has consultants working around the clock each business day to provide fast, personal support whenever they need it.

Dawn patrol monitoring: One of Huon IT's most innovative services, Dawn Patrol keeps Marsdens' networks under surveillance 24x7. The logs are then reviewed by a live consultant at 6:00 am each business day. This service means that any glitches, server issues, or connectivity problems are often caught and resolved before staff arrive in the office.

Email patrol: Huon IT's anti-virus and anti-spam software spares Marsdens' staff more than 1.45 million spam emails each month.

CIO-level planning and advice: Thanks to monthly meetings with Huon IT's Managing Director and Technical Director, Marsdens Law Group get personal CIO-level advice to help them stay on the cutting edge of technological advancements that can make a significant impact on their bottom line.

"The solution Huon IT has designed has made a tremendous difference in terms of our ability to work smarter, faster, and more profitably," says Adam. "Our IT set-up is now one of the most advanced in the industry, and we can feel the difference it's making on our bottom line."

"We've been with Huon IT for over 20 years, and it has been a wonderful partnership," Adam says. "In all those years, we haven't had more than 30 minutes of unplanned downtime. Huon IT has proven to be one of the best investments we've ever made, and a measurable component of our firm's success. Here's to another 20!"

Reduced capital expenditure on hardware

Increased productivity across the firm

Lower maintenance costs

Savings on power consumption and cooling costs

Increased file storage

Improved operating system capacity


  • The Marsdens Law Group has not had more than 30 minutes of unplanned downtime
  • One of the key benefits was the reduced capital expenditure on hardware
  • The IT solution made a huge difference in Marsdens ability to work smarter, faster and more profitably.

"Back in 1989 when we started working with Huon IT, we were their biggest and most important client. Now over 25 years later, we're certainly not their biggest client - but they still make us feel like we're their most important client. That is the support that has helped us grow, and their understanding of our business is second to none. Thank you to Huon IT for over 25 years of such dedicated service." - John Adam, Managing Partner -