Customer Story
The Intermedia Group

The Intermedia Group relies on Huon IT to provide a fast, flexible IT system to provide a competitive edge

Intermedia is one of Australia's leading publishing and event management companies. They have developed a stellar reputation for innovation and relevance in Australia's competitive specialist publishing industry.

We're on the cutting edge of news, entertainment, and information," says Simon Grover, Managing Director of The Intermedia Group. "We know how important it is to have technology that facilitates fast deployment and distribution. We can't lose precious hours to ineffective IT.

The Intermedia Group Knew That They Needed a Technology Partner to Achieve Their Objectives

Intermedia has always understood the importance of solid IT to stay on top of their industry. 

Choosing a Provider

Grover says that Huon IT was the right choice because of their professionalism and ability to customize a solution specific to Intermedia's needs.

"They really took the time to understand our business and challenges," Grover says. "They didn't try to sell us an out-of-the-box solution; they wanted to make sure we got the most efficient and effective system possible. Plus, their professionalism was unmatched - we knew we'd get stellar customer service and 24/7 technical support. It was an easy choice and we've never looked back."

Intermedia underwent tremendous growth alongside massive developments in Internet and other media-related technology. By the time they found Huon IT as a partner, their IT systems were running on outdated equipment and "band-aid" type fixes. 

"We knew that to achieve our objectives, we needed an upgrade," Grover says. "So we went looking for a technology partner that could help us maintain our competitive edge."

The very first thing Huon IT did was to perform a comprehensive health check on The Intermedia Group's IT systems. This uncovered several opportunities for improvement, including an adjustment to their level of internet service that instantly resulted in significant savings. 

Leveraging industry-leading virtualisation technology, Huon IT upgraded Intermedia's server environment to produce a fast, agile system that can accommodate high volumes of freelance staff and high-traffic peaks around deadlines. It is also scalable to support the company's rapid growth.

The group's growth had become so extensive that they needed to move to a larger location. Huon IT provided a Relocation Project Manager who helped The Intermedia Group design a solution that suited staff requirements, server space, and even absorbed the office of Time Out Sydney, which had been operating in a separate location. 

"The move was a huge project, and Huon did an incredible job," says Grover. "We suffered no downtime because Huon IT worked out of regular office hours at no additional cost to us, and provided temporary IT services to keep us functioning. It was a wonderful benefit to our business."

Fast, flexible IT system

Software upgrades easier and faster

Decreased set-up costs


  • Huon IT offered a customised solution specific to The Intermedia Group's needs
  • Comprehensive IT health check was performed
  • Outsourcing IT provided huge cost-savings

"Huon IT makes it possible for us to stay at the forefront of our fast-paced industry and focus on what we do best: bringing news, entertainment, and information to Australian businesses." - Simon Grover, Managing Director of The Intermedia Group -