Customer Story
Access Sydney Community Transport

Not-For-Profit Community Care Organisation Thrives after Merge with the Help of Huon IT

Access Sydney Community Transport is a Not-For-Profit organisation based in Sydney. Their mission is to assist frail aged and younger people with disabilities to maintain independence and quality of life through the provision of affordable, safe, accessible, and appropriate community transport and shopping services.

According to Kevin McClain, Information Technology Manager, Access Sydney Community Transport, "Our previous IT provider hadn't taken care to set up our system properly. I'd noticed the things didn't look quite right, and Huon IT helped us identify what was wrong and fixed it."

Merge of Two Organisations Leads to Search for New IT Provider 

When Access Sydney merged with another community transport provider, the change meant they required improved IT systems - and fast. 

"We were consolidating two locations into one, and due to other factors realised we had to make the move 3 months earlier than expected," McClain says. "We decided to look for a technology partner who could help us make the transition quickly yet affordably." McClain says that Huon IT was the right choice because they cared enough to customise a solution that would work for Access Sydney's unique situation. 

According to McClain, "Our previous IT provider hadn't taken care to set up our system properly. I'd noticed that things didn't look quite right, and Huon IT helped us identify what was wrong and fixed it." 

The original systems and technologies were now becoming outdated and unable to scale in line with business growth. Staff working remotely were relying on a single server, causing productivity and performance issues. 

Huon IT conducted an initial IT Health Check to identify problematic Access Sydney's IT infrastructure set up. Cost effective and scalable solutions were then recommended to resolve the issues raised. 

The project with Access Sydney included three main phases: 

1) Remedial issue resolution 

  • Existing infrastructure leveraged and bolstered to save Access Sydney unnecessary expenditure 
  • Server virtualisation with Windows 2012 R2 Hyper-V, providing greater scalability for the rapidly growing organisation
  • Back-up system centralised with Veeam - providing both an on-premise and cloud back-up solution for redundancy

2) Migration to Office 365

  • Greater collaboration required for site merge: Access Sydney migrated their email system to Office 365 - streamlining communications, data and mobility between sites 
  • Introduction to Office 365 Not-For-Profit discount - significant cost savings for years to come 
  • Enterprise-grade, cost-effective technology assisting with greater efficiency, productivity and collaboration for staff 
  • Collaboration tools: Easy-to-use video conferencing, email and collaboration tools 

3) Phone and Internet Systems Upgrades 

  • Communicates centralised within the organisation 
  • Phones upgraded with Avaya handsets and Jabra headsets 
  • New internet links negotiated and updated 
  • Fortigate firewall installed - increasing security, speed and site-to-site connectivity 

Finally, Huon IT has been engaged to provide high-level, structured, day-to-day IT support - something that Access Sydney had previous been without. With Huon IT only one call away, any issues that arise can be quickly resolved and reliable advice provided to ensure business continuity and peace of mind. "We've got the IT solutions we need to run our business as a merged business," says McClain. "Without them, we wouldn't be able to run as we are." 

Efficient, secure and scalable IT systems

Long-term savings (Office 365 Not-For-Profit rates)

Greater security, storage, productivity and collaboration

Personalised, ongoing support and monitoring

Reliable phone and internet systems


  • Merger of two businesses into one required a single, streamline IT system
  • Affordable, not for profit service to transition quickly
  • Office 365 Cloud services leveraged
  • Staff across the two businesses united through phone and internet upgrades

"What I appreciate about Huon IT is that they pay attention to what we need and are able to assist with all different aspects of our IT needs, from phones to servers to internet connectivity. This way, I don't have to find a new provider for each different site of technology and I can rely on their friendly staff," says McClain. "I would definitely recommend them."" - Kevin McClain, Information Technology Manager at Access Sydney Community Transport -