Up your collaboration game with hotkeys

With over 500,000 businesses and 145 million daily active users are on Microsoft Teams each day, learning to be a superuser to boost productivity can be as simple as adopting a few hotkeys.

Ever since its worldwide launch in March 2017, Microsoft Teams has proliferated online collaboration at a speed akin to a social media platform, except for businesses. Unrestricted by geolocation, it empowers teams of invited users to chat, share documents, and join in real-time via voice and video conferencing to facilitate better, quicker, more personal collaboration.

It combines the ability to organise multiple materials, tools, and channels to share files or chat with your team members. Its integration with a long list of useful and popular applications only enhances its popularity. To help boost your working from anywhere, take a look at these tips and tricks to refresh or kick up your keyboard hotkeys skills in no time! 

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