Why create a people-first technology culture?

People are the bloodline of an organisation. They keep businesses running by performing task or service-oriented roles in many different industries. A common theme is found amongst the technology that embeds into their daily working lives – 75% of the global frontline workers community use some form of technology daily, yet the technology they use often does not support their needs adequately.


70% from this same study shown that deskless workers surveyed reported that more technology, and of the right kind, would assist them to do their jobs better. Feedback pointed at where they feel would benefit most from additional technology include communications, operations, logistics, onboarding, and training.

Insufficient technological tools, high levels of burnout, and a lack of advancement opportunities have driven the Great Resignation in record numbers. To counter these challenges, organisations need to provide technology that increases flexibility, fosters connection and inclusion, and supports their growth.


There is already a lot being reported about how technology supports hybrid or remote workers successfully. Frontline workers who work in even less predictable environments need tools that let them remain flexible without sacrificing security or accuracy. Finding ways to schedule shift-based work and manage tasks should be done without any friction. The solution – empowering your frontline teams with real-time information across any device puts all relevant team members on the same secure-by-design, cloud-based technology so everyone has visibility into one another’s schedules and locations.


One of the most prevalent challenges is employee retention. Frontline workers are particularly sensitive to a high turnover rate and the pandemic has accelerated this phenomenon. Often tired but confident, frontline workers are determined to go beyond basics. They are looking for skill development, equity, and more support for everyone to be at their best. As the new ways of working evolve, organisations must respond by offering greater growth, equality, and training openings to not only desk-bound hybrid, office, or remote workers, but also their frontliners.


As the world changes, businesses have a chance to take a fresh look at how to make work happens and ensure a people-first approach to tools are key priorities in any transformation. Do not go it alone. Our experts at Huon IT could provide a discovery session and incorporate your IT review to make recommendations that help your business uncover any hidden spots. Feel free to call us on 1300 HUON IT (4866 48) or email info@huonit.com.au.

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