Reflections on a year gone and a year to come

A thank you message from Damian, CEO Huon IT:

The ways we handle crises speak volumes about our character. At Huon IT, it is integral to our company values to help our people and clients navigate such situations with empathy and leadership. As 2021 has given us plenty of moments to test our mettle, I am often asked if I still feel optimistic about the future. To that, I say 100%.

While we encounter disruptions, we strive to always act for better outcomes. Throughout this year, we have helped our people to work safely and adapted to changes quickly, gathered feedback, and refined our processes, which produced positive results that flowed through to our clients. While disruptions were outside of our control, we responded purposefully to deliver on our promises with clarity and assurance during these trying times.


Consistent, regular communication played a major part in how we have created a connected culture to support our staff across different cities and location. Business improvements and innovation “pods” were formed to foster creative thinking and share tasks amongst our various teams. This communal cooperation gives everyone a voice in helping to steer our company on its path to becoming a more resilient one.

All-hands sessions, proactive support groups, and continuing staff training were part of our pledge to keep everyone safe, well, and motivated. It was also important to us to look beyond our walls. Giving back to our communities such as supporting Beyond Blue has helped to highlight the significance of greater mental health awareness – an area that has become even more critical during the pandemic and lockdowns.


Our ethos reminds us to always help our clients and their businesses to look for new ways to be successful. Many of our clients have faced challenges on security, boosting productivity, growth, and cost efficiencies under an unpredictable operating environment. Our account management and technical teams have worked hard to help our clients adapt to changing work regulations and technology requirements to ensure business continuity. Sometimes this has called for ingenuity working with different partners and suppliers to rethink how to deliver hardware, services, and support seamlessly. We have also pivoted quickly to digital market engagements to provide relevant market thought leadership and access to our services for clients.

Creating a winning outcome was vital to every client engagement, and that has been our guide. We are humbled to be recognised as one of Australia’s top 10 best Managed Services Providers for technical excellence and customer delivery in Cybersecurity, Infrastructure Support, and Cloud services. This would not have been possible without our clients’ support.


  1. With work from anywhere being reimagined to a new environment that allowed people the flexibility to work around their personal and professional commitments, one of the most incredible things we have learned was throughout long periods of isolation, humanity craved companionship. The new office of the future should be one that transpired beyond mere desks and workstations. We could create one that fostered genuine discussion, communication, and collaboration. Naturally, some will opt to move between a hybrid set-up, and this may be where technology was the greatest differentiator in giving us the power to redefine how ideas and creativity could flow across various pockets of users and needs.

  2. As I'm sure most of you will agree, the last 24 months had been unpredictable. If Australian businesses and communities learned anything, it was the importance of agility and responding to change well. Those who were flexible to change were the ones that thrived throughout the chaos. It was, perhaps, the most invaluable asset we could harness into the times ahead. One useful way was to improve our ability to adapt by forming a business continuity plan. It could be useful to guide any organisation, irrespective of its size, to power through obstacles that you were not expecting. Paired with other strategies such as a disaster recovery plan, it would be a positive way to give businesses back a sense of control no matter what they may encounter.

  3. Another observation we had seen was the amount of data volumes being utilised to improve business performance, increase profit, and reduce costs. For your business to capture the most valuable results from your data, the key laid in having the tools and capabilities built in. Businesses required systems that could effectively store, organise, and process the data for useful insights in a safe, compliant, and efficient manner. Leveraging data would not have to be complicated. Learn more about our client's experience, who had harnessed data analytics to provide real-time feedback to enable quicker and more accurate decisions being made.


Although 2021 may have upended almost every facet of our lives, with businesses being thrown into one of the most volatile economic climates - we cannot predict the future. It was also evident how important it was for businesses to plan and prepare for the impossible. As 2022 ticks on, we strongly believe we all can look forward and try to understand what work we need to put in to capitalise on our opportunities.

We cannot be deterred by crises and distractions. As Huon IT, we are committed to finding new paths to growth and good for our business and our clients. Our focus is to help you embrace change, progress to something new through exercising integrity and honesty in everything we deliver in our services and solutions.

I am equally confident in the innovative thinking, expertise, and value our teams bring to every conversation, brief, and proposal. Together with our extensive partners network, I look forward to delivering outcomes that match your expectations if not more through hard work and dedication.

Thank you for your continuous support and belief in us.  To close, I wish everyone a wonderful and safe holiday season, which I hope you will stay present with loved ones (near and far), rest and find the inspirational fuel to push forward in 2022.

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