Five Ways Power BI Dashboards Can Benefit Your Organisation

When you operate a business, efficiency is everything. Crucial to this is accessing organizational insights to help you make more timely and accurate decisions.

With a customized business intelligence solution backed by Microsoft Power BI, you can bring together data from your disparate line-of-business systems and visualize it clearly and easily via pre-built dashboards.

Here are five ways that a quality power BI dashboard can benefit your organization:

1. Centralise your data into one, clear solution

Today, many organizations operate with huge amounts of data. However, much of the data sits in disparate systems, and there is a lack of a centralised perspective.

Power BI can bridge this gap by collating, overlaying and presenting data from all areas of the business – and presenting it via user-friending graphs, charts and tables.

Data can be sourced from a raft of applications – including those that are on-premise, in the cloud, or even on a hybrid infrastructure. With a single view of your data, you can make timelier and more accurate decisions based on overarching insight.

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2. Keep you focused on the important metrics

Gathering insights from your data is easy with Power BI’s simple drag-and-drop user experience. You can quickly find the insights you are looking for and visualize them in beautiful, interactive reports.

Once you have created your report you can save it to your personal dashboard. Here you can see the data and metrics that are most important to you and your business.

3. Streamline your reporting and compliance

Companies are under more pressure than ever before to meet governmental compliance and regulatory requirements. Responding to these demands takes time and effort, and the burden falls heaviest on smaller organisations, which don’t necessarily have the resources or budget to respond accordingly.

However, with a customized business intelligence solution, you can get the insights you need via your Power BI dashboard. You can simply query your data (by typing in natural language questions) to produce reports relevant to specific compliance requirements, and automate your information gathering process – saving considerable time and effort.

4. Prevent problems from escalating

With a Power BI dashboard in place, you can identify problems before they escalate and start affecting your customers, employees or your overall organisational productivity.

By integrating financial and operational data, for instance, you can easily compare costs with operational costs. For example, an aged care organization could compare care costs with operational costs such as catering, cleaning, laundry, property and maintenance, utilities and more.

Or, by integrating data from an employee scheduling system, you can get at-a-glance insights on a range of staff-related information, such as qualifications, roles, absenteeism, allowances and skills mix.

With Power BI’s customization, you can also ensure that managers within your organization have the information that’s relevant to them.

For example, your CFO could receive high-level insights related to your overall financial performance: fluctuations in operating costs and income, overall staff costs, variances in equipment costs and other outgoings, and more.

5. Mobilise your workforce

With a cloud-based business intelligence solution in place, your managers can get the insights they need from any device, at any time – which means they are no longer tied to their desks.

By removing the need to regularly return to a central location to access key information, employees can work more effectively, and respond more quickly.

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At Huon IT, we specialise in business analytics and provide fully customized business intelligence solutions for our clients using Microsoft’s Power BI. We take the time to listen to your specific requirements and deliver crucial insights via engaging and customized dashboards.

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