7 Reasons Why You Should Upgrade to iManage Work 10

Huon IT recently upgraded to the latest and greatest iManage Work 10. With Worksite 9.3 now supporting Office 2016 and Windows 10, many clients are wondering what are the benefits (apart from the hidden backend benefits) to upgrading?

Outlined below are seven reasons why your business should upgrade to iManage Work 10.

1. Simplicity

The iManage Work 10 platform has been built from the ground up as a web application which makes the user interface simple and intuitive, as well as easy-to-use across devices and platforms. The replication of commonly used UX design and functions from common internet applications reduces the training needs for upgrades and it increases user adoption.

2. Smart Software

Some examples of how this smart software enhances user productivity include:

Timelines: there is an easy to view timeline that shows users, prior versions and a summary of how a document has evolved.

  • Activities – this view separates the Document History based on individual activities such as Edit, View, and Print.
  • Users – Provides a list of users who have accessed the document and displays their individual actions.
  • List – Shows a standard list of all activities in reverse chronological order.
  • Versions – Shows the document history for each version.

iManage Work 10 - smart software

Source: imanage.com

Previews: Documents are now previewed one page at a time rather than needing to download the whole document at once (which was cumbersome on slow connections and mobile devices).

Suggested Filing: Location has drastically improved. This means time is saved by automatically filing items to their correct matter with the automatic tracking of Email Threads.

3. Sharing

Files, Folders and Matters can now be shared internally and externally using HTTPS links. This means that there is no more need for an external webserver to share iManage Documents, and no need for applications to have an NRL parser (for e.g. mobile devices and external parties) to view documents.

You can also now preview NRL documents before sending.

Users using iManage Share can click on Workspaces with a Share folder and it will automatically redirect users to the iManage Share Login Page.

4. Search

iManage Work 10 has now moved away from the old IDOL search to use RAVN Elasticsearch, which improves performance, and reduces costs associated with indexing documents by up to 40%. This can now be used to index repositories such as Network Share Locations, Intranets and Websites that unifies the companies search into a single fully indexed tool.

iManage Work 10 introduces Server-Side Refiling which means no more confusing icons and time wasted waiting for things to be filed.

RAVN has an Artificial Intelligence (AI) platform to perform techniques such as:

  • Extract – Automatically program the indexer to source specific documents, and list the information for the user, without having to go through the whole document
  • Classify – Let your indexer automatically classify specific documents for retention, disposal and security.
  • Insight – Insight into users search behaviour brings more relevant search results.

5. Data Loss Prevention

Threat management in iManage can now perform Data Loss Prevention, which you may have seen in other cloud applications such as Office 365. This feature alerts any events which can leave the company with internal or external data loss. An algorithm scores at risk behaviour to ensure that resources are spent on alerts that are most likely to be malicious activity. With comprehensive reports, interactive graphs, reports and visualizations, organizations can demonstrate to clients that proper controls are in place to safeguard privileged information.

iManage Work 10 - data loss prevention

Source: imanage.com

iManage Work 10 Web Client can be configured to enforce a Data Leakage Policy (DLP).

Two options are available:

1. Low (default). All functionality is available to end users.

2. High: The following functionality is not available to end users:

  1. Users cannot download documents.
  2. Users cannot download email attachments.
  3. In the "Share document by email" dialogue, the option to attach a document to the email is disabled if a user forwards an email.

6. Inbuilt Mobility Server

Previous versions of iManage needed an additional server for mobility devices and clients to be able to communicate with iManage adding to license and server costs. However, in iManage Work 10, the mobility functionality is now built in.

7. Integration with Cloud Email Platforms

iManage 10 Work now fully integrates into Web platforms such as Gmail and Office 365. This means that customers who uses these technologies can utilise the iManage Work 10 Cloud in the same manner.

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Author: Paris Wells, Senior Consultant, Huon IT

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