How Huon IT will take your business efficiency to the next level in 2023

Over the last two decades, businesses have adapted to the digital world, moved operations to the cloud and implemented dozens of helpful and time-saving software solutions.  

However, the result for many organisations of a gradual evolution towards all things digital has been a ‘hodge-podge’ of systems that are helpful but don’t ‘talk’ to each other. This can lead to frustration, especially when it is difficult to pinpoint where issues stem from.  

A lack of integration and cohesion between software platforms leads to:  

  • The need for repetitive data entry across multiple applications (including the continued use of spreadsheets) 
  • Too many manual processes 
  • Disparate and outdated data 
  • Multiple services and data sets that are costly to maintain 
  • Incomplete audit trails 
  • Clunky approval processes 
  • Difficulties with enterprise reporting and activity tracking 
  • Inconsistent security 

Because technology is rapidly evolving, businesses that fail to close these ‘gaps’ are now at risk of falling behind their competitors and letting their customers down.  

Fortunately, there is a platform integration solution that helps small businesses connect their different systems and improve business efficiency without the need to start from scratch.  

Platform integration: The solution to improve business efficiency 

We wrote recently about how organisations around the world are now using integration Platform as a Service (iPaas) solutions to connect and integrate their systems. The platform we recommend is Microsoft’s Azure Integration Systems.  

If this is the first time you have seen Azure Integration Services mentioned, it can be described in simple terms as a collection of services for integrating applications and data. The beauty of the platform is that it enables businesses to connect applications, data, services, and devices, often in complex ways. When you integrate with AIS, you can bring workflows together so they are consistent and scalable, and can provide visibility into the integration layer for better monitoring and troubleshooting.  

Using AIS boosts business workflows and results in simplified automations and processes. This has the flow-on of improved business efficiency and lower costs. Because of this, more than 60% of Fortune 500 companies now use the platform for their business integration needs. 

How we leverage Azure Integration Services  

As your information technology partner, Huon IT exists to share innovative solutions and networking infrastructure that will reduce turnaround time, improve process efficiency and improve quality. 

As part of our work with your business, we can introduce AIS platform integration without disrupting your existing IT and online functions. 

When implemented effectively, AIS solves the problem of your different platforms and systems being unable to communicate. Consider invoice approvals as an example. When you use AIS, your business can: 

  • Create an automated workflow for invoices – reducing the time for approvals and manual status follow-ups 
  • Produce an audit trail for invoice handling – leading to improved evidence and easier compliance 
  • Gain visibility across all invoices – giving access to a complete picture, full reporting and enhanced insights 

This improved workflow can give a handful of employees back a couple of hours per week. When you apply a similar solution across a number of departments and process areas, it can be like regaining several headcounts.  

Why use Azure Integration Services? 

The reasons to use AIS for platform integration are almost too many, but here are a few to keep in mind:  

  • Siloed applications are connected and many tasks can be automated 
  • Enterprise reporting is centralised 
  • Improved accuracy and transparency across digital platforms and systems 
  • Cross-application workflows are improved 
  • Data records are more up to date 
  • Hand-offs become more seamless and easy to manage 
  • Application security is enhanced 
  • Incredible potential for additions and upgrades 

Perhaps the biggest benefit is that AIS can continually be adapted to suit your business needs. This is ideal if you are set to scale in 2023 and beyond.  

Think of AIS as a system that operates all your systems. It will streamline information and workflow across all your business applications. 

Why choose Huon IT? 

Huon IT is highly experienced with the application of Azure Integration Systems, which means we can achieve more for your business in less time, and with fewer resources required. The outcome for you is better value from your current IT investments, as well as improved overall business efficiency.  

Want your digital business systems to run more smoothly and efficiently? Talk to Huon IT today.  

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