How Has Your Business Responded to Working Remotely During COVID-19?

COVID-19 is posing to be a major challenge for businesses around the world.

In response to the Federal Government upgrading its response to the 2019-nCov coronavirus to pandemic status, businesses have had to urgently review their remote IT workforce capabilities.

Regardless of whether you are confronted with a natural or human-induced disaster, an optimum IT resilience plan is critical in assisting staff to work from home or from an alternate remote location.

Here is a simple checklist for consideration:

  • Responsibility: Assign a manager to be formally in charge of the “Remote Working Plan”.
  • Review: Confirm the number of people across your entire staffing group that can work from home, and document those that can versus those who have no remote access. Consider whether the business can properly function with this group.
  • Test: Request that all staff login from home and confirm all applications are working as normal (perhaps provide a checklist to test). Track that all staff complete this test and provide feedback.
  • Enhance: Review the staff group that does not have remote access (if applicable) and consider means of providing access to the office remotely.

If you need assistance, please reach out to Huon IT for guidance. Consider the minimum applications staff need to gain access to in order to keep the business operating, and are these applications available remotely?

  • Consider phone connectivity: Beyond IT access, consider how your phone system will operate. Do you have soft phones or can phone extensions be diverted to individual mobiles? Establish a plan and perform basic testing in readiness for possible activation.
  • Get ready: Whilst we recommend that businesses also review their broader business continuity plan (BCP), some other tips include:

    i) Ensure you have an up-to-date staff contact list that can be accessed remotely.

    ii) Consider an activation plan - Who will make the decision to activate the remote working planWhat staff, stakeholder and client communications will be required?

    iii) If possible, simulate a test whereby teams work remotely for 1/2 day at a time or run a test on a weekend to confirm everything in your remote working plan performs as expected.  Iron out any issues before the business becomes critically dependant on remote working.

Download the checklist here:

Whilst we all hope that this situation will not escalate to such an extent, preparedness is key. If you would like advice or assistance on this planning, please get in touch.

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