Harnessing business advantage from outsourcing

As a business, you could contemplate hiring a managed service provider (MSP) to look after a few aspects of your IT needs that you are happy to outsource. Alternatively, you could be a large organisation with complex requirements and are looking to have all your IT needs managed under a single provider.


An MSP is a form of outsourcing which businesses hire an external party to manage all or parts of their IT services. Many IT providers nowadays offer an expansive variety of services from data security to cloud collaboration tools. When deciding on how much you want to outsource, it is key to understand the types of MSP and their offered services. Some of the main services that are popular in the market include:

  • Wireless Networks & Mobile Computing
  • Cloud Services
  • Data Analytics
  • Cybersecurity
  • Managed Print Services

Outsourcing can support productivity and security, particularly during disruptive times. In fact, if done correctly, an MSP could potentially save your business costs in the long run by detecting and rectifying problems before they could happen. Major IT issues could be expensive and come with legal implications. By monitoring and maintaining your systems, an MSP could identify gaps and vulnerabilities that could end up costing your businesses hundreds, if not thousands of dollars should anything untowardly is to happen.

Productivity is another area which an MSP could contribute immensely. Issues with IT equipment or network are a common occurrence. While varying in its degree of severity, they all have a negative impact on downtime and how well your business performs. Combining this with protecting your data security and preventing malicious attacks on your operations will be a mainstay of any business in today’s world.


The hiring decision relies of a few factors to ensure your business makes the right choice. It is a known fact that managed services allow your IT department to do anything and everything relating to managing your infrastructure at greater speed. As they say, time is money. With so much to do in an IT environment, it could rapidly distract your internal team. Managed services provide a safety net to ensures your operations stay afloat and on track. When everything in your environment runs smoothly, the whole department is better for it. In summary, the key benefits of hiring and MSP are:

  • Improved security
  • Proactive approach towards IT
  • Cost savings
  • Less downtime
  • Better access to new technology
  • Efficient workload allocation
  • Better cloud services accessibility
  • Remote support


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