Empower frontline work by building trust and flexibility

It is irrefutable that nobody has borne the most significant burden in the last two years more than the nearly 800,000 frontline workers in Australia. They have worked tirelessly to keep our supply chains running, supermarket aisles stocked, power and water to homes, provide essential healthcare services while carrying personal risk, stress, and disruption to their lives.


Traditionally being under supported by technology, the pandemic served as a catalyst to accelerate rapid digital transformation for frontliners as research has shown that while technology is not the single solution, it can help ease much of the burden being faced by those most impacted by it.

As we venture into the next recovery stage and define new ways of working, empowering our frontliners must be a priority. Adopting the appropriate digital tools and technology could spur an organisation’s digital transformation to change their employee experience. Although customary in the past, different working models between frontliners and office-bound workers were not simple to navigate or too costly to scale, the past two years had shown that change must take place.


Perhaps the solution is not just replacing by any home-office setting. Yet, technology allows for better participation in digital initiatives and an improved sense of belonging to the organisation. Connectivity and inclusivity need not be abstract notions, but real factors built into technology such as seen by Microsoft Teams. Designed to support a secured operating environment, access to files and tools from wherever is easy and effective. Frontline workers can now have their equal share of task automation, remote assistance, and better communicating with team mates and managers.


Although technology could improve frontline workers’ wellbeing, 55% said they still did not receive adequate formal training on how to use them and 46% fear it may cost their jobs if they do not adapt quickly according to Microsoft’s survey to find out what frontliners globally are looking for. Combining the right IT support and training for your employees could help alleviate pressure to this issue by empowering and equipping frontliners with the optimal tools vital for their success. Seeking additional resource from a managed services provider is a complimentary step to augment your internal IT team to expand rapidly to meet surging demands from your frontliners. When they can use technology easily, the whole job is a lot easier too.


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