An Effective Cybersecurity Leader

With Cyber-attacks and vulnerability admissions flooding our media channels weekly, Cyber-resiliency has well and truly transformed how every individual and organisation works. This isn’t new news, although it raises the question - are you confident that you’re being an effective Cybersecurity Leader?  

Recently one our Cybersecurity partners Ashutosh Kapse, published an article with CIO Advisor on being just that – an efficient Cybersecurity Leader. Check out CIO Advisor’s interview with Ashutosh, a comprehensive, thought provoking piece sure to leave you with new thoughts and questions. 

“An executive/manager in charge of cybersecurity in an organization has the unenviable task of influencing the Board as well as impacting the security culture across the organization.” Ashutosh Kapse, Head of Cybersecurity, IOOF Holdings (Follow him on Linkedin)

Author: Sophie Litster, Marketing Operations & Events Manager, Huon IT 

Strategy Security & Networking