Discover hidden insights to empower business performance (part 2)

Welcome to part 2 of discovering hidden insights to empower your business performance with data analytics. This second part explores data security features and general adoption concerns. You can read about the first part that explored its ease of use and ways your organisation could adapt the solution to meet various workforce requirements.


Keeping your data safe remains as a top priority for many businesses this year. Due to the ease with which users could instantly (and even unintentionally) send out sensitive information, many organisations are rethinking about intelligent security.

If your organisation is already using Power BI to centralise your data systems, it can filter to manage which information is available to different levels of access. For example, you can set permission levels for each user or for entire data sources, reports, or dashboards. This level of specificity can be tailored even within those dashboards or reports, so different users will only see the data they have permission to view. This feature gives you complete control over every aspect of your organisation’s data to safeguard sensitive information from being leaked while allowing your teams to safely collaborate.


One of the most common concerns for any new solution is the Return on Investment (ROI). With a strong set of intuitive features for collecting all data sources and analysing every aspect – from single data points to multiple entities – Power BI lets organisations develop deep data-based insights without having to hire or train employees to use complicated analytical software. If your teams are not taking advantage of data insights, you could be missing out on vital growth opportunities. Power BI helps you to shortcut past costly data analysts and expensive software, so you could realise the benefits of an intelligent, omnichannel view of your data in as little time as possible.

The solution’s design is easy to use while remaining a formidable business intelligence tool. Absolute beginners to seasoned analytics professionals will find something valuable for them, with its in-built drag-and-drop interface and free training resources to start benefiting from your Power BI investment.

Moreover, it is designed to support data governance, which users apply comprehensive rules regarding data sources, organisational roles with options for global administration to provide tailored assignment and access control seamlessly.


Power BI can give your organisation insights that will drive its future growth. See how we have helped our client to centralise multi-layered complex data sources within a critical time frame. If you like to find out more, contact us today for a discovery call.

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