8 Key Benefits to Outsourcing Your IT Services

Many fast-growing businesses are outsourcing their IT services to improve company focus and reduce the strain on internal IT resources. With technology changing at a rapid rate, it makes sense to supplement your in-house IT department, or to fully outsource your IT requirements.

There are many benefits to partnering with a Managed IT Services provider (MSP). Here are eight key benefits to outsourcing your IT services:

8 Key Benefits to Outsourcing Your IT Services

1. Improve efficiency

By accessing the expertise and resources of a top tier professional MSP, this gives your business freedom to focus on your core business.

If you do have an in-house IT team, you can improve efficiency by outsourcing tasks that take up the most time (like maintenance, back-ups, and disaster recovery, and cybersecurity training). That way they can focus on delivering outcomes that drive business value.

2. Minimise the risk of disasters

Having a solid disaster recovery plan is imperative for any business. It’s a must-have for when any kind of IT downtime strikes. The downtime can be from software and hardware errors, human error, natural disasters, or from cyber-attacks.

Is your organisation prepared for a disaster

3. 24/7 helpdesk and proactive monitoring

IT Managers today are continually forced to do more with less. It’s just not realistic for them to provide 24/7 support. By engaging a Managed Services Provider, you can give your IT Manager the support they need knowing full well that your business has the support of the MSP, day and night, all-year round. 

4. Knowledge Redundancy

Too often businesses are dependent upon one or two IT staff who have all the knowledge on their IT systems. In the case of unexpected absence, this can really put business operations at risk. By using an outsourced partner, you can ensure you have knowledge redundancy, as well as scalability so they can help at a moment’s notice. It is not uncommon for MSPs to step in and cover staff holidays and other absenteeism.

Another advantage to outsourcing is that you can leverage the MSPs approach to system documentation and password management. That way, the knowledge is not left in 'someone's head'.

5. Improved IT security

As reported in the PWC SEO Survey in 2017, IT security is a big concern amongst Australian CEOs and executives. Eighty-percent of Australian CEOs are concerned about cyber threats. 

Approximately 8% of Australian businesses are ahead of the curve (adopters and leaders) when it comes to data protection.

With this in mind, the best IT MSPs provide complete security solutions. These include network securitycybersecurity awareness training, penetration testing, vulnerability assessments and more.

6. Knowledge base

Outsourcing can give you access to capabilities otherwise not accessible or affordable. An MSP has an entire team available to tackle just about any issue that may arise.

At Huon IT, we have approximately 30 years’ experience and we offer access to our wide range of specialist teams including cloud and server support, security and networking teams, strategic consultants and more.

7. Comprehensive reporting

When you outsource your managed IT services, you will also receive monthly reporting. Insight into your activity is vital to know what issues have been resolved and where issues occur more frequently.

8. Economies of scale

MSPs invest in skills and software to do tasks (often repetitive, such as patching) on a high volume. As such, the tasks are completed more quickly, efficiently and safely.

It's also more cost-effective to outsource than invest in the systems internally.


Outsourcing your IT, whether it’s fully or partially outsourced, will not only save you money but also ensure that you start each day with confidence knowing that you have 24/7 support and access to a top tier IT service provider.

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