5 Reasons to Get an Independent IT Health Check

Whether you’re in the midst of EOFY planning, approaching a major change in your business, or simply want an independent assessment of your IT systems, an independent IT health check is a key step in IT planning.

What is an IT Health Check?

The aim of an IT health check is to provide a high-level analysis of all IT functions within an organisation including an assessment of the current strengths and weaknesses, and strategic recommendations for the future. Typically, an IT health check will include a review of 

  • Software licensing & compliance
  • Server and storage infrastructure performance, capacity and configurations
  • Networking infrastructure and design
  • Cloud (private, public or hybrid) review
  • Client facing applications and back-end services
  • IT management methodologies
  • Backup and disaster recovery plans
  • Risk and cybersecurity analysis, and much more.

The results of the assessment are provided in an easy-to-read report that covers insights into the strengths, weaknesses and opportunities across your IT operations, cost structures and future scalability recommendations.

The findings of the report will be presented to your team in ‘plain English’ at both a business and technical level.

What are the benefits of an IT Health Check?

1.    Independent advice

By engaging an independent provider to conduct your IT assessment, you can gain access to a separate source of strategic and technical skills who can review your strengths, weakness and opportunities objectively.

2.    Assistance with budget forecasting

By reviewing your current IT infrastructure, you can gather meaningful information to help you better plan for future system upgrades. The audit identifies critical needs and areas that need to be remediated. This information can then assist your team with financial planning and prioritisation.

3.    Identify cost-savings

The end of the financial year is the perfect time to review your hardware status and software licenses. We can track the use of the hardware you have invested in and make more informed decisions to reallocate, repurpose or replace in a more cost-effective manner.

Also, you can often save costs by identifying, removing or reallocating software where it’s not needed or used.

4.    Identify security risks

As part of the review, our technical consultants will review your organisation’s security practices including the strength of your networking infrastructure, your security policies, user permissions, and more. We can also recommend which security assessment or training program will best suit your business.

Gaps in your IT security can mean serious downtime, security risks, and lost revenue. Don’t wait until it’s too late!

5.    Efficiency Improvements

If required, Huon IT can suggest changes to your current infrastructure that will result in improved efficiency.

Technology is constantly changing so having a health check can give you peace of mind that you have the right technology and systems in place.

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Keep your finger on the pulse with an independent IT audit so that you can ensure any weakness in your IT system doesn’t undermine your business success. To book in your IT Health Check, contact us today.

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