Discover hidden insights to empower business performance (part 2)

Learn about Power BI’s flexibility in managing how you want your data accessed and distributed, no matter how specific your needs are.

Discover hidden insights to empower business performance (part 1)

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Time consuming IT tasks you should automate immediately

Often, IT automation is viewed as something that is complicated and requires large investments. The solution is simply to begin small with quick wins that you could achieve before expanding to more complex processes.

How to Transform Paper-Based Processes into Online Workflows

Many employees working remotely are now facing practical challenges in regards to paper-based processes. Read how Huon IT can help.

Technology Innovation in Aged Care

Q&A with Huon IT's CEO, Damian Huon regarding the role of technology innovation in the aged care sector. Damian discusses the main challenges for the aged care sector and why business intelligence is so crucial in this industry.

Five Ways Power BI Dashboards Can Benefit Your Organisation

When you operate a business, efficiency is everything. Crucial to this is accessing organizational insights to help you make more timely and accurate decisions. This post explores five ways that a quality power BI dashboard can benefit your organization.

Top 5 IT Trends in Aussie Business

As we kick off the new financial year, it’s always a good time to take stock of the IT priorities set to dominate the year ahead. Based on discussions we’ve been having with our own clients across Australia, we’d thought we’d share the top five IT trends we’re seeing for 2017-18 FY. How does your organisation’s IT strategy stack up?