Tips for a successful return to office

As businesses consider and get their plans for the “return to office” movement into action, it is becoming a quick realisation that many of the former protocols they had in place will not be sufficient to meet the new normal.

The future of remote work and the importance of digital collaboration

Digital collaboration is increasing in importance as more businesses continue to allow their staff to work remotely in 2022.

Exploring the efficiency benefits of document management technology in aged care

Find out how document management technology supports aged care transformation to provide more concurrent, effective collaboration safely.

Keep team collaboration simple, yet powerful

For many businesses, a unified communication strategy is now just a part of a bigger collaboration picture. Creating an integrated Cloud collaboration platform brings plenty of benefits to working across different channels.

Microsoft Teams Announces New Features

Microsoft has announced that they will be gradually rolling out a range of new features on Microsoft Teams.

The Definitive Guide to Remote Working in Australia

Remote working is testing the digital maturity of businesses across Australia. Download Remote Working: The Definitive Guide for Businesses & Employees to better understand the best practices.

How to Transform Paper-Based Processes into Online Workflows

Many employees working remotely are now facing practical challenges in regards to paper-based processes. Read how Huon IT can help.

Top 5 Tools for a Dynamic Remote Workforce

With most of us now working from home, Huon IT has gained many insights into how the right IT tools can ensure teams are empowered, engaged and effective. This post explores our top 5 tools for remote working.

How Has Your Business Responded to Working Remotely During COVID-19?

COVID-19 continues to be a major challenge for businesses around the world. An optimum IT resilience plan is critical in assisting staff to work remotely.

7 Reasons Why You Should Upgrade to iManage Work 10

Huon IT recently upgraded to the latest and greatest iManage Work 10. Many clients are wondering what the benefits are (apart from the hidden backend benefits) to upgrading? Outlined in this post are seven reasons why your business should upgrade to iManage Work 10.