Why your business needs a digital incident response plan

What is a digital incident response plan and why does your business need one? Here’s a quick explainer from Huon IT’s cyber security experts.

How safe are your passwords?

Tired of trying to remember all your passwords? There are platforms that can help by storing your passwords and prompting you to use more secure phrases. Our latest article explains why we recommend your business uses a password manager and which solution may be right for you.

How Huon IT will take your business efficiency to the next level in 2023

Microsoft’s Azure Integration Services provide a simple, cost-effective way to improve business efficiency. Find out more about how this integration platform works.

Elevate your digital transformation with Azure Integration Services

As the world is moving towards digital and cloud, integration is evolving to stay relevant. Elevate your digital transformation with Azure Integration Services.

How to fortify your cybersecurity portfolio

In today’s climate, every business is vulnerable to cybersecurity breaches. In this post, we look at the steps to take to fortify your cybersecurity portfolio.

The ultimate offboarding checklist for IT departments

There are many ways to mitigate the risk departing employees pose to your network, and the simplest one is to use an employee offboarding checklist.

Appointment of New Managing Director

Huon IT is pleased to announce that Mr Dennis Wong has been appointed as Managing Director.

Why adopt an agile IT resourcing approach?

Embrace the advantages of using a managed services provider to help your business scale effectively and securely.

Why create a people-first technology culture?

Today’s employees spend a lot of time using technology but how can employers empower them and support their needs?

Empower frontline work by building trust and flexibility

Discover how to create a new frontline work model by adopting the right technology to build trust, flexibility, and better output.

Harnessing business advantage from outsourcing

Investing in Managed Services allows a small IT department to leverage additional support and resource to tackle complex or offload routine IT tasks.

Tips for a successful return to office

As businesses consider and get their plans for the “return to office” movement into action, it is becoming a quick realisation that many of the former protocols they had in place will not be sufficient to meet the new normal.

The future of remote work and the importance of digital collaboration

Digital collaboration is increasing in importance as more businesses continue to allow their staff to work remotely in 2022.

What is malware and how to protect your business?

No industry sector is immune from the impacts of malicious cyberactivity. This post explores different types of malware, and how you can protect your business.

Exploring the efficiency benefits of document management technology in aged care

Find out how document management technology supports aged care transformation to provide more concurrent, effective collaboration safely.

Reflections on a year gone and a year to come

With 2021 ending, we head into 2022 by looking forward to possibilities and reflect on past lessons.

Deriving optimal value from your IT investments

Understand the best practices in optimising the value of your IT investments.

Turning security unknowns into your strongest defence

Understanding cybersecurity unknowns and indicators of compromise, and adopting risk assessments to formulate a counteraction plan.

Up your collaboration game with hotkeys

Use these Hotkeys shortcuts to elevate your Microsoft Teams user experience.

Preparing for the next normal in business resiliency

Focusing on opportunities to embed organisational resiliency through rethinking technology, process, and people strategies differently.

Elevate your security environment with Storyline Active Response™ (STAR)

Stay ahead of potential adversaries by customising and automating detection rules that fit your business requirements.

Discover hidden insights to empower business performance (part 2)

Learn about Power BI’s flexibility in managing how you want your data accessed and distributed, no matter how specific your needs are.

Discover hidden insights to empower business performance (part 1)

Transform the ways your organisation uses data with Power BI to boost collaboration and performance.

Time consuming IT tasks you should automate immediately

Often, IT automation is viewed as something that is complicated and requires large investments. The solution is simply to begin small with quick wins that you could achieve before expanding to more complex processes.

Raising the bar on endpoint solutions

Learn how to navigate the new cybersecurity terrain and combat persistent threats with the latest endpoint detection & response solutions.

Increasing business value with good security

A critical element to any business looking to fortify its cybersecurity framework is the human factor. Cybersecurity awareness training is a fast-expanding service built to address malicious social engineering tactics applied by hackers.

Huon IT ranked 6th in Australian MSP50 Awards

Huon IT named top 10 Australian MSP50 Awards for the second consecutive year.

Keep team collaboration simple, yet powerful

For many businesses, a unified communication strategy is now just a part of a bigger collaboration picture. Creating an integrated Cloud collaboration platform brings plenty of benefits to working across different channels.

5 Cybersecurity Tips to Consider When Transitioning Staff Back to the Office

As COVID-19 restrictions start to ease in Australia, now is the time to review your cybersecurity posture when transitioning staff back to the office.

Cybersecurity Newsletter December 2020

Welcome to the December edition of Huon IT's Cybersecurity Update.

Global Outage Affecting Microsoft 365 Services

Global outage affecting Microsoft 365 services. Click below for more information.

The Essential Eight Guidelines Explained

The ASD for businesses and government created the Essential Eight Guidelines. This post explains the mitigation strategies to assist organisations in protecting their systems against a range of adversaries.

Microsoft Teams Announces New Features

Microsoft has announced that they will be gradually rolling out a range of new features on Microsoft Teams.

Why Multi-Factor Authentication is Essential for Every Business

With cyber-attacks on the increase, multi-factor authentication (MFA) is no longer an optional feature for Australian businesses. It’s essential.

Cybersecurity Newsletter June 2020

Welcome to the June edition of Huon IT's Cybersecurity Update.

Prime Minister Announced Large-Scale Cyber-Attack Warning

Australia’s Prime Minister announced that Australia was being hit with a massive cyber attack. Read the recommendations for Australian businesses.

How to Select the Right Password Manager for Your Business

Password breaches are becoming increasingly common and learning how to protect online accounts is more important than ever.

The Definitive Guide to Remote Working in Australia

Remote working is testing the digital maturity of businesses across Australia. Download Remote Working: The Definitive Guide for Businesses & Employees to better understand the best practices.

Key Benefits of Electronic Signatures for Your Remote Workforce

While many organisations have eased into remote working, there are still a number of businesses using processes that have manual, printed, or face-to-face components. Find out the key benefits of electronic signatures for your remote workforce.

How to Transform Paper-Based Processes into Online Workflows

Many employees working remotely are now facing practical challenges in regards to paper-based processes. Read how Huon IT can help.

Top 5 Tools for a Dynamic Remote Workforce

With most of us now working from home, Huon IT has gained many insights into how the right IT tools can ensure teams are empowered, engaged and effective. This post explores our top 5 tools for remote working.

How Has Your Business Responded to Working Remotely During COVID-19?

COVID-19 continues to be a major challenge for businesses around the world. An optimum IT resilience plan is critical in assisting staff to work remotely.

Cybersecurity Newsletter January 2020

Welcome to the January edition of Huon IT's Cybersecurity Update.

Huon IT Ranked Top 10 in Australian MSP50 Awards

The MSP50 Awards in Australia were announced this week and Huon IT is proud to have ranked within the Top 10 list of MSPs.

IT Security: How to Identify a Scam Email

There are some simple tips every business can follow to help reduce the risk of being impacted by email scams. This post explores our top 10 tips for identifying a scam email.

Huon IT is now a KYOCERA Group Company

Huon IT is proud to announce that as of 1st July 2019, we are now a KYOCERA Group Company; wholly owned by Kyocera Document Solutions Inc (Japan).

5 Reasons to Get an Independent IT Health Check

The aim of an IT Health Check is to provide a high-level analysis of all IT functions within an organisation including an assessment of the current strengths and weaknesses.

Managed Services Provider Checklist

Choosing the right Managed Services Provider is an enormous decision for your company. Here we outline 12 critical questions you should ask a potential MSP.

Technology Innovation in Aged Care

Q&A with Huon IT's CEO, Damian Huon regarding the role of technology innovation in the aged care sector. Damian discusses the main challenges for the aged care sector and why business intelligence is so crucial in this industry.

Five Ways Power BI Dashboards Can Benefit Your Organisation

When you operate a business, efficiency is everything. Crucial to this is accessing organizational insights to help you make more timely and accurate decisions. This post explores five ways that a quality power BI dashboard can benefit your organization.

What Is Penetration Testing and Why Is It Important?

How effective is your current security system against a real-world targeted attack? It’s no longer enough to put security tools into place and hope for the best. One of the most important tools that companies can use to defend themselves from cyber attacks is that of penetration testing.

Phishing Scams: Spear Phishing vs Whaling

Phishing scams are the most common scam impacting Australians. Australians lost more money to scammers in 2017 than in any other year since reporting began by the ACCC. In this post, we’ll look at the difference between two common phishing scams: spear phishing and whaling.

8 Key Benefits to Outsourcing Your IT Services

Many fast-growing businesses are outsourcing their IT services to improve company focus and reduce the strain on internal IT resources. There are many benefits to partnering with a Managed IT Services provider (MSP). This post explores the top eight key benefits.

New Partner: Huon IT Welcomes Cohesity

Huon IT is excited to announce it's partnership with Cohesity, leaders in delivering efficiencies and cost-savings to business by consolidating their secondary storage environment with a focus on data mobility into the cloud.

Huon IT Announces Nutanix Partnership

Huon IT welcomes Nutanix as a partner. Nutanix offers an innovative approach to IT infrastructure using a hyper-converged platform and solutions that are 100% software based.

Three Reasons Why Cybersecurity Awareness Training is Important to Your Business

Your employees are frequently exposed to sophisticated phishing and ransomware attacks. Cybersecurity is no longer the sole responsibility of your IT department. It’s everyone’s business. 

6 Key Insights From Webroot's 2018 Threat Report

Webroot recently revealed the results from their 2018 edition of its annual threat report. Outlined in this post are six key insights from their report.

7 Reasons Why You Should Upgrade to iManage Work 10

Huon IT recently upgraded to the latest and greatest iManage Work 10. Many clients are wondering what the benefits are (apart from the hidden backend benefits) to upgrading? Outlined in this post are seven reasons why your business should upgrade to iManage Work 10.

Christmas Giving Tree

For Christmas, Stewart House, house over 90 kids of all ages and have a Christmas "Giving Tree" where people from the community donate gifts for children who are from disadvantaged backgrounds. This December, the Huon IT team donated a variety of gifts to make Christmas a little brighter for children who are struggling in the community.

An Effective Cybersecurity Leader

With Cyber-attacks and vulnerability admissions flooding our media channels weekly, Cyber-resiliency has well and truly transformed how every individual and organisation works. This isn’t new news, although it raises the question - are you confident that you’re being an effective Cybersecurity Leader?  

Australia's Data Breach Laws

According to the passage of the Privacy Amendment (Notifiable Data Breaches) Act 2017, on the 23rd of February any eligible data breaches will need to be reported to the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner and individuals effected.

5 Hot Tips for Microsoft Teams

Work less, do more. With so many questions around Microsoft’s 2016 product - Teams, we thought it would be relevant to share our thoughts on the top 5 tips for Teams! What is Microsoft Teams? A market leading collaboration app, Microsoft Teams is designed specifically for the modern workplace.

Top 5 IT Trends in Aussie Business

As we kick off the new financial year, it’s always a good time to take stock of the IT priorities set to dominate the year ahead. Based on discussions we’ve been having with our own clients across Australia, we’d thought we’d share the top five IT trends we’re seeing for 2017-18 FY. How does your organisation’s IT strategy stack up?