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Wotton + Kearney Proceeds with Virtualization Project


Wotton + Kearney is a specialist insurance firm based in Sydney and Melbourne. Priding themselves on leading edge and highly flexible work practices, they are currently ranked third on the ‘ALB Fast 10’ List for fast growing firms in Australia and New Zealand. To support this rapid growth and agility, Wotton + Kearney have trusted Huon IT for the past seven years to provide reliable and scalable IT infrastructure with sound CIO planning into the future. Recently signing off on a project to virtualize their environment, this transformation will consolidate their entire IT system from 20 servers to just one HP Blade Enclosure and NetApp Storage device. Not only will this reduce their IT’s physical footprint and power/cooling costs, it provides greater flexibility through virtualised servers and improved performance via upgraded hardware, with benefits extending to both Sydney and Melbourne users.

This project, commencing in July, will be implemented by Huon IT’s specialist Project Team. Please stay tuned to see the results!