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PM Automotive Group Streamlines IT & Costs


PM Group (formerly Preston Motors Group) is one of the oldest and most trusted collection of car dealerships in Victoria. And recently, they have also been one of the fastest-growing. As part of their growth strategy, they purchased several chains and dealerships – which required them to not only consolidate their brand, but their IT systems.

“We had serious issues to address,” says PM Group’s Information Technology Manager, Damian Lupton. “Lots of points of failure in our IT systems. That’s when we decided to invest in what was required to create an IT infrastructure that would serve us now and into the future…”

“…I’ve dealt with a lot of IT companies over the past 20 years, and I’ve never dealt with one as good as Huon IT. From understanding our needs to implementing a major transition across all systems, Huon IT has been nothing short of brilliant.”

Solution Overview:

■ Seamless integration of disparate IT infrastructure across 400+ workstations ■ Streamlined login took users from up to eight logins to a single sign-on ■ Upgraded legacy mail platform to Exchange 2016 ■ Improved business continuity by alleviating patchy data recovery and back-up mechanisms ■ 100% uptime in 12 months.


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