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Huon IT’s Virtualisation assessment, planning and implementation services enable businesses to realise the full potential of their IT. Whether already underway or just getting started, our experienced virtualization specialists help organisations along their journey to smarter IT.

Virtualisation at a Glance

Organisations across the globe are taking advantage of server, desktop and application virtualisation to reduce equipment, power, and cooling costs, reduce server administration and downtime, and gain a higher level of system redundancy.

Virtualisation technology enables multiple operating systems and application ‘images’ to share a single physical device. A virtual machine simulates the operations of your servers or desktops, enabling applications to run on a virtual machine just as it would on a physical device.

Virtualisation is particularly useful if your equipment is becoming unreliable and costly to manage. It enables you to make better use, and extend the life span, of your existing investments by improving resource usage.

Virtualisation Assessment & Advisory Service

If you think your business might benefit from virtualisation, or would like to call on the experts for help along the way, why not take advantage of our Virtualisation Assessment and Advisory Service?

Huon IT’s specialists have extensive experience implementing virtualisation projects for a range of organisations.  Using state of the art analysis tools and best practice methodology, our consultants will provide independent advice on how your business can leverage virtualisation to suit your individual needs and budget.

How Your Business Will Benefit

  • Increased agility and scalability for your future
  • Lower capital expenditure through maximising resource utilization
  • Reduce IT administration overheads & automate time consuming tasks
  • Green IT – cut space, cooling and power requirements
  • Improve system reliability by reducing hardware failure downtime

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