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Huon IT’s VoIP solutions streamline all facets of business communication into a single system, enhancing staff performance and reducing costs. As organisations phase out aging phone systems, Voice-over-IP technology is becoming one of the most powerful tools in business today.

An Overview of VoIP

Voice-over-IP (VoIP) technology is becoming a popular choice for small, medium and large businesses alike that want to replace ageing, costly PABX systems.

The technology allows telephone calls to be made over private IP networks and the Internet, which significantly cuts call costs and enables organisations to combine their voice network with other communication tools to increase efficiency and easy of use.

As well as providing all the basics of traditional telephony, VoIP integrates with an array of other systems. Ranging from Microsoft Outlook and other desktop applications, to CRM systems, instant messaging, video conferencing, and more, VoIP has an array of features that make a real difference to your operations.

Are you Ready for VoIP?

Huon IT offers comprehensive end to end VoIP services, from initial product recommendations to suit your unique needs and budget, through to implementation, ongoing support and maintenance.

Beginning with Huon IT’s VoIP Assessment and Advisory service, our experienced technical consultants will examine your existing telephone network in conjunction with your wider system and business goals, to determine how your organisation can best leverage from this innovative technology.

How Your Business will Benefit:

  • Cheaper than traditional landline services
  • Increased productivity through integration with other communication mediums
  • Mobility with remote user capabilities
  • Excellent quality of service with low latency
  • Accurate call records to assist professional services firms with time based billings
  • Lower maintenance costs


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