Get smart with storage

Huon IT’s innovative storage solutions empower organisations to affordably retain, manage, and protect their key asset – information. With data growing by the second, smart storage is critical to business performance today and tomorrow.

Handle your growing data

We have all heard the astonishing statistics around document growth – and whether you are in an organisation of 20 or 2000, you’re part of the explosion. According to EMC, the world’s data doubles in its entirety every two years; which poses a real challenge for companies already struggling to manage yesterday’s fill.

Luckily data growth doesn’t necessarily mean purchasing extra space. A versatile storage platform and smart management capabilities can defer expansion by years, by more effectively using the resources you already own. This allows tighter control and extended return on investments (ROI).

A Smarter Solution – The Business Benefits

The team at Huon IT has over twenty years experience in a range of storage solutions, including SAN and NAS technologies. Through our assessment, advisory and implementation services, our experts will customise a solution to:

  • Reduce Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) through optimising resource utilisation
  • Eliminate duplicate data – guaranteeing space savings of 35% or more
  • Reduce IT administration through automation of tasks
  • Shrink backup windows to recover information in just minutes or seconds
  • Work with your virtualisation and cloud technologies to maximise performance & savings across your entire system
  • Achieve operational efficiencies including less rack space, power and cooling
  • Prepare for the future with scalable storage

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Smart Storage?

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