Collaborate With Video Conferencing

Huon IT’s range of Video Conferencing solutions provides organisations with fast and flexible face-to-face collaboration. Meet with your customers or colleagues anywhere in the world from your boardroom, desk or on the road.

How can video conferencing benefit my business?

Video conferencing has come a long way from its grainy origins, and now provides a higher quality of face-to-face experience than many expect.

Video conferencing is used across a range of functions, including:

INTER-OFFICE MEETINGS Organisations with more than one office face the challenge of bringing their staff together for regular meetings. Time, effort and cost is lost during travel, and delays prolong important decisions. Video conferencing makes collaboration easy with boardroom, desktop and even mobile device solutions available.
TRAINING & EDUCATION Video conferencing allows staff global access to experts, training and education. Rather than providing training across different sessions and locations, it can be conducted from a central location and staff simply ‘dial in’ on their own devices. Recording options are even available for viewing at a later time.
CUSTOMER SERVICE Video conferencing can enhance your service through more frequent meetings, and encourages the inclusion of expert resources who may be based interstate or overseas. Meetings via video can also offer a more cost effective option for budget sensitive clients.
TELEHEALTH IN AGED CARE Video conferencing increases patient access to medical services, and enables faster diagnoses, more frequent updates to treatment plans, and opens up a wider network of professionals. Video conferencing can also be used to enhance the elderly’s quality of life through social inclusion strategies, socialising with friends and family, and even involvement in community education programs such as virtual tours, lectures, lessons and more.

What type of video conferencing is best for me?

Choose from a range of options to suit all needs and budgets:

  • Fixed boardroom and training lab installations
  • Portable devices, installed or on mobile carts
  • End user solutions, including phone and tablet devices

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