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Your Hybrid Cloud

Huon IT’s Cloud Services empower organisations to reduce costs, increase agility, and improve performance through ‘IT as a Service’. By combining the best of the Public Cloud’s scalability with the security and control of a Private Cloud, our experts design and implement Hybrid Cloud solutions to meet your needs.

An Overview of Cloud Computing

Where as traditional IT requires a direct connection to physical servers in your office, Cloud Computing lets you run your IT system on infrastructure located anywhere, owned by anyone – and simply access it through the Local Area Network (LAN) or internet.

Clouds utilize virtualisation technology, so systems are not reliant upon single servers or disks, running on an interchangeable, elastic pool of resources which has no single point of failure to improve your business continuity.

Due to the reduced hardware, software, labour and cooling requirements, organisations can reduce long term capital investments and fund IT through a scalable, operational model.

How your business will benefit:

  • Cost savings through better utilisation of resources and low ongoing operations
  • Increased storage as data is stored centrally, reducing duplication
  • Reduce IT administration overheads through automation of tasks
  • Fast scalability to suit changing workloads
  • Increased mobility, allowing staff to access information at any time in any place
  • Shift business focus from IT to innovation

What are the different types of clouds?

PRIVATE CLOUD System operates on owned, dedicated infrastructure providing ‘IT as a service’ to end users (i.e. staff).
PUBLIC CLOUD System operates on ‘rented’ servers, storage and applications from a service provider over the internet. This is often on a pay-per-use, per minute or per hour basis. The network is still private but the resources shared with the other parties.
HYBRID CLOUD System operates on a combination of both private and public clouds – meaning they manage some resources in-house, and have some provided externally. This is an ideal approach as it allows businesses to take advantage of the scalability and cost-effectiveness of a public cloud for low risk parts of their IT system, without exposing critical systems and data to third parties.


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