Preventative IT Maintenance

Huon IT’s proactive maintenance services prevent downtime and extend the life of your IT investments. Following best practice procedures and customised solutions to suit any need or budget, our dedicated team ensures a reliable future for your company.

Prevent Downtime with IT Maintenance

The true cost of IT failure extends beyond the repair fees. Every second of downtime exposes your business to loss of profitability, productivity, customer relationships and reputation.

Huon IT’s preventative maintenance service is a smart investment into your future, substantially reducing IT problems and the related risks. Leveraging from our team’s deep understanding of business and 20 years experience, our best practice systems provide comprehensive maintenance across all facets of business IT.

Customised Maintenance Plan

As every organisation’s needs are unique, so too is an IT maintenance schedule. In consultation with your staff and site manager, Huon IT’s dedicated maintenance team follows a customised plan for your network, maintaining all infrastructure at optimal levels to ensure reliability and maximum uptime. Any tasks requiring system outages are performed out of hours at no extra charge, to minimise disruption and ensure your business is operational when it needs to be.

How Your Business will Benefit

  • Prevent IT downtime and related costs
  • Customised solution by a team of skilled experts
  • Any outages performed after hours at no extra charge
  • Transparent monthly reporting on all maintenance tasks
  • Flexibility as a stand alone service or part of our Complete or Elastic Outsourcing packages.


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