Backup & Protect your data

Huon IT’s Backup services protect your company’s most critical data. Through a range of solutions including online or physical backup, the experts at Huon IT solve unreliable systems and put an end to failure notifications. Ensuring your information is safe has never been easier.

Is your Business Critical Information safe?

The reality of business today is that your critical information is vulnerable to loss at any moment; whether it is an accidental file deletion, hardware crash, or system failure. While most organisations have some level of backup system in place, many are not running regularly across the right data, and too often failures are ignored.

Six Steps to Smart Backup

1 – SELECT Huon IT will work with your team’s key stakeholders to ensure all critical business content is included in your backup selections, across all servers, storage and workstations.
2 – BACKUP With such a variety of backup products on the market, choosing the right solution for your business is a challenge. Huon IT will conduct a needs-analysis to find a strategy to suit your data set, environment and budget.
3 – RETAIN The period of time that you keep copies of documents after they are modified or deleted must be carefully considered. Huon IT will tailor a plan to suit your needs and comply with industry specific standards.
4 – STORE Huon IT’s best practice methodology recommends storing backup in dual locations; locally for immediate access, and offsite for disaster recovery. This can be either via physical media or our online data centre.
5 – MONITOR Huon IT’s Dawn Patrol monitoring service provides real-time visibility across backup operations to prevent failures and data loss. Notifications can be conveniently managed by our helpdesk consultants or sent to your in-house team for actioning.
6 – RESTORE No backup strategy is complete without regular testing. Huon IT’s quarterly test restore service provides assurance that your data is safe, and that recovery point and time objectives can be met in an emergency.

How your business will benefit:

  • Reliable backup of critical information
  • Access to skilled experts & industry leading technology
  • Your team are free to focus on core business tasks
  • 24×7 Monitoring through our Dawn Patrol Service

Do You Have
A Dr Plan?

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Need Your Backup Monitored?

Huon IT’s Dawn Patrol takes care of it for you.

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