IT Managed Services & Support

Outsourcing & IT Managed Services

Huon IT’s outsourcing partnerships provide businesses of any size with top tier IT managed services, whilst driving costs down and productivity up. Extend your organisation’s performance with Huon IT’s customised managed services, and let your team get back to business.

24×7 Helpdesk Support

Huon IT’s 24×7 Help Desk supports business around the clock. With a dedicated team of local consultants available via phone, web or email at all times, our scalable solution means your organisation stays operational – day and night.

Proactive Monitoring

Huon IT’s Dawn Patrol monitoring service ensures your business is ready for the day ahead. With active response from 6am and continuous assessments 24×7, Dawn Patrol is the ultimate in safeguarding solutions. At just $10 per business day, peace of mind has never been more affordable.

Preventative IT Maintenance

Huon IT’s proactive maintenance services prevent downtime and extend the life of your IT investments. Following best practice procedures and customised solutions to suit any need or budget, our dedicated team ensures a reliable future for your company.

Backup & Protect your data

Huon IT’s Backup services protect your company’s most critical data. Through a range of solutions including online or physical backup, the experts at Huon IT solve unreliable systems and put an end to failure notifications. Ensuring your information is safe has never been easier.

Secure your System

Huon IT’s security service protect your organisation’s most critical assets. Guarding against both internal and external threats, our experts take a thorough approach through customisable solutions and regular updates. When it comes to IT security, there’s no room for risk.